Orange Pharmacy Since over 18 years of development, our range of 100 pharmacies extending in Riyadh serving millions of customer under the Moto  “pharmaceutical  service that welcomes you with love ”when the establishment of the first branches of the group was beginning, from which the group began to expand its business and activities in the field of pharmacies and medical products until the number of pharmaceutical and administrative cadres reached ninety pharmacies and employees and we are in continuous growth.


Building leadership and excellence in pharmaceutical care, health and beauty for our community.


We are committed to providing distinguished pharmaceutical services to the community, and meeting the desires of our customers in the field of health and beauty through an elite of qualified pharmacists and staff at competitive prices, with our full commitment to professional ethics and credibility in dealing with customers and continuous development.


is our highest priority and our customer is our focus.


in pharmaceutical care, health and beauty.


and work in a team spirit.


to community health education.

Credibility in dealing with clients and our respect for the ethics and ethics of the pharmacy profession.

All What You Need & More

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