Orange Pharmacy opens the 35th branch in Riyadh

Out of Orange Pharmacy strategies to expand in the Saudi market, its 35th branch in Riyadh was opened. This branch is an extension of orange Pharmacy branches the first of which was opened in Riyadh City in year 2003.

Orange Pharmacies was known for supplying of prescriptive/non-prescriptive medicines of all types as well as for child & woman care products, cosmetics and requirements of patients with special needs, such as handicapped and older patients. Orange Pharmacy Group characterizes with committing to supply various products at very competitive prices to its customers.

Furthermore, Orange Pharmacy is known for spread of its branches in Riyadh City. Branches are spread in most densely populated provinces and main roads in Riyadh, to reach the largest possible segment of our customers in Riyadh City.

«Orange Pharmacy» Honors Its Employees On Its 12th Anniversary

Orange Pharmacy Group, Riyadh, celebrated its 12th anniversary at Hilton Garden Hotel, Riyadh, on 7th May 2015. Senior employees who served the group for 7-12 years were honored. The group chairman and board members led by Mr. Salman Abdullah Bakrman (Chairman), Dr. Naif Abdullah Bakrman (CEO) and senior employees attended the celebration.


The employees that spent long terms at the group, 7-12 years, and were an example in sincerity and dedication to work and the pharmacy group customer service, were honored.


The honor celebration accompanied the new launch of the group and changing from “Wahat Al Elaj Pharmacy” to “Orange Pharmacy”. The decision was made by the top management to provide excellent pharmaceutical services and to achieve the highest competitive level in the Saudi pharmaceutical care market.

Launching “Care Card” program in all Orange Pharmacy Branches

Orange Pharmacy announced launching customers’ loyalty program named “Care Card”. It was activated in all the 35 branches across Riyadh City.


“Care Card” was launched as part of Orange Pharmacy group ambitious strategy that aspire to reach the largest segment of customers and consumer in the field of medicines, health and cosmetics products, and care for people with special needs, such as handicapped, child, and elderly patients.


“Care Card” program enables Orange Pharmacy customers to collect the points earned from their purchases from branches across Riyadh. It grants them more exclusive rewards and discounts at shopping.


Orange Pharmacy chose “Care Card” name to reflect a great thanks and gratitude to our loyal customers, and to provide them more care and attention by granting them exclusive discounts on purchases from any of the group branches.

Orange Pharmacies Launched The New Identity

Orange Pharmacies celebrated launching its entirely new identity and change of its trade name from “Wahat Al Elaj Pharmacy” to “Orange Pharmacy”, supported with strategic plans and our employees to meet our customers’ needs.


The brand was launched in official meeting of pharmacists and employees. The new brand strategies were presented to achieve the most possible competitiveness in the local market, to fulfill customers’ desires and expectations, and to provide high quality of pharmaceutical services to our society.


Dr. Naif Abdullah Bakrman, Orange Pharmacy CEO, introduced a fully detailed presentation about the reasons for changes in the brand and identity as well as Orange Pharmacy strategy through the strategic vision, mission, objectives and values. Such strategic plans will contribute in achieving a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical services in the Saudi market. Also, the presentation included the approaches to improve the customer services provided in all branches. The strategic plan of the new brand involved the programs for continuous education and training of all pharmacists and employees. Such programs will support in achieving the excellence in pharmaceutical services and customers services within Orange Pharmacy Group.